From: Hector DeVille, full time Forex trader

Dear trader,

Over the years I have seen a number of people coming to me asking what is "the key secret" that differentiates profitable traders and losing traders. I mean, if some of them make consistent profits out of the Forex markets (even a full living out of it) while some others keep on losing their shirts day in and day out... there must be a specific "something" that sets them apart, right?

Well, yes! in reality, there's indeed one particular aspect that makes a world of a difference, and here it is:

This is what differentiates WINNING and LOSING traders:

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They realize that Forex is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. If it was, everyone would be a millionaire, right?

Instead, they understand that in order to profit from Forex, they need to actually learn how to trade, to read the charts and price action, to apply sound money management rules and, all in all, to be responsible with their trading.

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They believe that commercial products, such as automated Forex trading robots or black box trading systems, are going to make consistent profits for them.

They don't want to study the charts and they don't want to have to "think" as a trader. All they want is to follow an easy A-B-C blueprint, click a few buttons and to magically take profitable trades on a daily basis.

Well, here's the typical evolution flow for most traders coming into the Forex arena for the first time:

Firstly, most new traders sniff around the internet forums searching for tips and general information on Forex trading. However, the information is scattered and unstructured, and therefore it's difficult to know what works and what doesn't.

Eventually, most traders get frustrated and leave the forums. And that's when they find the commercial "black box" systems...

Some new traders leap over this initial research phase altogether, lured by the neatly crafted marketing plot from the black box systems developers...

Black box systems are either automated Forex robots (also known as Expert Advisors) or turnkey systems that are sold around on the net, promising great results and colorful indicators that will deliver endless amounts of pips.

These systems are pretty straight forward to use as they have a clear set of rules, but the system developer never explains what's the market reasoning behind the system or why they are meant to work at all. The systems are, therefore, a black box solution that are meant to be traded blindly by the trader...
Obviously, these black box systems never perform as promised because... well, because they were never developed by actual successful traders to begin with.

At the very most, they perform alright under some specific market conditions but as soon as those market conditions change (the markets are a breathing beast after all!), their performance plummets never to recover. In fact, inconsistency is a common characteristic shared by most black box systems...

And finally, the trader drops that particular black box system and searches for new ones, probably paying hard earned cash for them, looking for the next "big thing", the next "magic system" that will finally drive the profits home.

This loser's loop goes on and on: new system, new hopes, new devastating results... on and on and on...

Unfortunately, by the time he realizes that there's no magic system, he's probably spent hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars in black box systems and has probably eaten through a few trading accounts in the process.

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Have you tried a number of different systems?

Are you still not finding consistency in your results?

Have you used multiple combination of indicators?

Are you still not sure what actually moves the markets?

Then make NO mistake: you're still inside the loop :(

There's only one way to break free from the never-ending quest for that "magic system" or "magic indicator" that will, according to the developer's claims, take you from rags to reaches overnight:

You must come back to the basics and learn how to actually trade Forex like if you were a real trader as opposed to a system follower!

You see, successful Forex trading is mostly an analytical activity. It relies more on statistics and ratios than on ultra-complex systems and/or indicators.

In fact, if I was to point a trader in the right direction, I would do so by listing the four bullet points of the Blueprint For Long Term Forex Success...

Here Are The Four Bullet Points Of The Blueprint For Long-Term Forex Success

You must trade a solid system: there is just too much non-sense spread around the internet when it comes for Forex trading. Most of the trading systems being shared on different websites, discussion forums or blogs just do not understand the real market behavior and therefore they never score sustainable profits over an extended period of time.
You must get guidance from an experienced trader: let's face it, trading is difficult as it is. There are a number of variables to be taken into consideration, plenty of technical elements that need to be mastered, etc. Most of the new traders simply give up along the way before they reach their goals because their learning curve is just too slow and painful.
You must have the appropriate tools: following the wrong indicators can potential become disastrous for your bottom line. It's utterly crucial that those tools you assist your Forex trading on are accurate and display true price behavior.
You must take Forex trading seriously: like anything that's worth your while, conquering Forex does take some effort and preparation and you've got to be willing to put in a little bit of work on your end. You know what they say: no sweat, no glory!

In order to provide you with 1) a solid and extremely successful trading system, 2) the right tool to trade profitably and 3) guidance from a professional trader, I have created the revolutionary Learn Forex Live DVD Power Course. Here you will find absolutely all the strategies and techniques I use myself to trade full time on a daily basis.

This beast is made up by 5 DVDs and over 80 live "screen capture" videos. and a collection of my own private custom indicators (coded by professional programmer for me!). Here's how I go on about explaining the trading strategies you will gain access to:

  • First of all, I explain the theory behind the strategy: how it works, why it works, what principles it's based on, what to do in order to trade it and how to do it. It VERY important that you understand the reasoning behind a system so you can take your trading decisions fully aware of what's going on behind the curtains.

I walk you through the method step by step and leaving nothing outside so you can follow me all the way along the presentation.

  • Then I show you a video where I applied that same trading strategy in a live trade recorded in real time! You will see absolutely everything: entry level, stop loss, exit levels, potential risks of the trade, partial exit levels, etc. Also, and as the trade unfolds in real time, I explain how I manage the trade and the logics behind taking this or that trading decision.

Literally, it's like if you were watching me trade live over my shoulder as I "comment" the trade all the way through!


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DVD #1: The London Open Breakout Strategy

Intraday Trading System

  • 20 videos (6:30 hours total)
  • Intraday trading system
  • Early morning trades (2 hours a day)
  • Applicable to EUR and GBP crosses
  • 50 to 100 pips per trade
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    "Believe me if I say that I've been in 7 presencial trading courses, and your Home Study Course is the first course I take where I'm sure that the teacher (you) is indeed a professional trader!"

    Jordi Gravi

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    "I just want to thank you for this great course. It really is the best investment i made in my trading career. I can just say WOW. Your way of teaching is fantastic. You are driving home all the points very well. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone."


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    DVD #2: The Market Flow Strategy

    Intraday Trading System

  • 20 videos (5 hours total)
  • Intraday trading system
  • Trades all around the clock
  • Applicable to any currency pair
  • Aims for small, quick trades
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    "He teaches a complete system,including risk management, trade entry, placing stops, finding targets and taking profits. All these concepts are taught with real world trading examples. He shows you which trades worked and which trades did not work."


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    "I must acknowledged that your Forex course is one of the best course I have come across on the net. I am having winning trades anytime i have a setup using S/R trading strategy."


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    DVD #3: The Part-Time Trading Blueprint

    Part-Time Trading Strategies

  • 20 videos (8 hours total)
  • Only 20 minutes a day is enough
  • Perfect for traders with full-time jobs
  • Relaxed and stress-free trading pace
  • 100 to 300 pips per trade

    "Since I put your course in practice I became for the first time profitable after a lot of loses before!"


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    "This is where being taught by a real trader makes a huge difference: no fluffy theoretical stuff."


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    DVD #4: Money Management Science

    Ensuring efficiency and profitability on your trading

  • 13 videos (5 hours total)
  • Correlation indicator
  • Money Management indicator
  • Sequential Exits indicator
  • Trade journal analysis tool

    "I was in search for a good forex course, and boy this one has so far exceeded all my expectations. Easy to understand, straight to the point and tested winning strategies."

    Gilberto Santos

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    "This course has made a massive difference to my trading success. I can now look at a chart and really understand why price moves the way it does."


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    DVD #5: News Trading

    High-volatility trading around news announcements

  • 13 videos (4 hours total)
  • High-momentum trading
  • Blend technicals and fundamentals
  • Exploit the news extra volatility
  • Ultra-fast trades
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    "I have tried a number of courses and Hector's is by far the best. I would recommend this course to everyone, it's easy to understand and follow, with no bullshit. It can make you a very good trader, if you follow all the rules."


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    "Less that one month later and account size has gone up from 10k to 15.4k now."


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    BONUS MODULE: The Advanced Indicators

    Two of the industry's most advanced indicators

  • Trend Scanner indicator
  • Forex Currency Index indicator
  • Tutorial video on how to install them
  • Tutorial video on how to trade them
  • Price 197 FREE with the course!

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    "Just an update on the Forex Currency Index. I started watching the chart this morning so that I can get to understand fully what is going on and within the first hour of trading the AUD/JPY is up 150 pips, just brilliant."


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    "The Forex Currency Index is a great tool for "seeing" where trading opportunities exist. Previously I would track a few preferred pairs . . . but with the index I find profitable trades with pairs I never really considered or looked at before.

    The currency index is really a super tool!"


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    Do you remember the point #2 of the "secret" Blueprint For Forex Success?


    I must quote myself here: "Forex trading is difficult as it is. There are a number of variables to be taken into consideration, plenty of technical elements that need to be mastered, etc. Most of the new traders simply give up along the way before they reach their goals because their learning curve is just too slow and painful".

    That's exactly why you will receive one full year of unlimited support so we both make sure you understand, implement and trade the system properly . So do not hesitate to contact me with any question you might have, or chart screenshots on any trading opportunity you might spot, or any trade you might have actually taken, etc.

    Even though the videos are clear, concise and easy to follow, if you need support I am just one email away to get all your questions answered fast, so you can get back to trading in no time!

    Let's go back to our original formula to achieve long-term Forex Success:

    You must trade a solid system:
    The 5 DVDs and 80+ videos will gain you access to real-world trading strategies used on a daily basis by professional full time Forex traders. These are no "wonderland" systems that never manage to sustain any decent win/loss ratio over the long run. Instead, the Learn Forex Live methodology is so powerful because it actually understands true price behavior and capitalizes on real-world market dynamics.

    If a solid system is what you're after, you've certainly come to the right place.
    You must get guidance from an experienced trader:
    Again, I am just one email away to answer all your questions, review your charts and to clarify anything you might have not understood from the tutorial videos. Remember that you get one year of unlimited support... but quite frankly, you should be doing great much earlier than that!
    You must have the appropriate tools:
    As already stated, you will gain access to all the custom indicators I use myself for my Forex trading. Please remember that these indicators cannot be found anywhere else so you will effectively have access to some of the most exclusive trading tools available in the market!

    Download the indicators, learn how to use them and profit from them day in and day out!
    You must take Forex trading seriously:
    And here's finally your part of the deal: do you want to become a profitable trader? do you want to trade full time? well, now is the time to commit yourself to the Learn Forex Live Power Course and give it your best shot.

    Taking no action means achieving no goal... It's time for you to take action towards becoming a top performance trader for once and for all!

    Guarantee #1: 30 Day Guarantee

    Look, I'm so certain and confident that you'll be successful with the Learn Forex Live Power Course, that I'll give you a full 30 day period to study the materials at your own pace in order to prove the profitability of my Forex strategies.

    If within those initial 30 days my systems don't trigger profitable trading opportunities, you can simply send me an email and I will give you a full refund on your order!

    So again: either the systems prove profitable, or you get your money back... as simple as that!

    Guarantee #2: 200% ROI Guarantee

    If you don't find profitable trading opportunities to cover at least double the purchase price within your first 30 days of trading the Learn Forex Live strategies, I'll give you an EXTRA FULL YEAR of email support to make sure you "get it". Just email me after your first 30 days and let me know how it's going. If you haven't made at least double your purchase price, just show me your trades and you get an extra year of support for FREE .

    100% Ironclad
    "Double Guarantee"

    Yup, that's right: Double Guarantee!

    But honestly, I believe you'll NEVER have to worry about a refund. Why? Because you're going to be so utterly impressed by the videos, strategies and indicators delivered within the 5 DVDs that I'm totally confident that it's the last Forex course you'll ever need.

    - Hector DeVille

    By now, you're probably excited about the potential that the Learn Forex Live Power Course has to offer you, and I'd certainly like to invite you to become a member.

    But I'm limiting this charter release of my course to a strict limited number of students, which means that the course won't always be available. You might come back to this web page tomorrow and find that it's GONE. The limit: 100 copies!

    I'm doing this for two main reasons:

    1. My priority is to help my Learn Forex Live students succeed

    And in order to do that, I want to be able to provide timely support if they have questions. I don't believe it's fair to sell, say, 1,000 copies of this course when I know in my heart that there's no way I could support that many students that quickly. That's why I prefer to keep things under control and to limit the amount of students.

    2. I also need to pay attention to my own charts!

    Since I trade myself too, it would be impossible for me to focus on my own charts if I had hundreds upon hundreds of students sending me emails on a daily basis. At no rate I want to swift my attention away from my own charts by allowing everyone to enroll the program, so I have decided to limit the access to only 100 traders, not one more.

    So if you want "in", you need to act NOW . No kidding!

    The first time I sold this course (few months back), the 100 copies were gone within 6 days, and I wouldn't be surprised if this time around they'd sell a lot faster since the website traffic has boomed considerably!


    I understand that:

    I will receive at my home address the full Five DVD power course containing over 80+ live videos and the custom indicators.
    Also, I will have one year of unlimited email support should I need any assistance.
    I have 30 days to study the Learn Forex Live Power Course and if the systems don't trigger profitable trading opportunities I can ask for a refund.
    Moreover, I get access to the two advanced indicators ($197 value!): the Trend Scanner and the Forex Currency Index.
    London Open Breakout Module $197
    Market Flow System Module $197
    Part-Time Trading Module $197
    News Trading Module $197
    Money Management Module $197
    Advanced Indicators $197
    TOTAL $1182